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The links section. Behold! All links are in no particular order, and are culled from the hideous wasteland of my bookmarks.

Angus MacSpon's Fan Fiction - Angus MacSpon is my primary prereader, a fearsome task indeed. He is much more famous for his excellent Sailor Moon fanficiton Sailor Moon 4200, which can be found here.

Improfanfic - I used to write for a couple of stories at this "round robin" fiction site. Look under Suikoden: Distant Shores and Spirits of Hope to find my contributions.

Brian Randall's Fanfiction - A very talented author, who I sadly have not heard much from lately. For some reason, he enjoys my work, too. Process of Elimination and Compass Points are very highly recommended.

The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net - This is still a wonderful archive of good Sailor Moon fanfic, even if it hasn't been updated in forever. (Thus ruining my chances of getting in. CURSES! Foiled again!)

The Anime Addventure - I've recently started writing a few episodes here every now and then.

Fire's Fanfics - Author of some of the best Ranma/SM crossovers I've ever seen. Destiny's Child in particular is a classic.

More to come...