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Crossovers. That strange breed where two or more stories are thrown into a blender. Notoriously hard to do well, notoriously easy to do poorly.

Mine mainly fall into the later category.

Here they come. Be warned.

Heart of Fire, Heart of Darkness

An attempt at a non-cliche Ranma/SM crossover that doesn't really succeed. (Multipart, ABANDONED)

Part the First
Part the Second
Part the Third

Lonely Hearts

A Ranma/Eva crossover where Ranma take the role of Kaji. It was abandoned after an horrid, unreleased second chapter was written. A substantial, unreleased, recent revision of the published portions exists, but will not become publically available unless I decide to resume the fic. (Multipart, ON HOLD)

Prologue: Last Chance to See
Chapter 1: Over the Rainbow
Chapter 2: Welcome to Tokyo-3

Mystery Fusions

Spamficish stories that attempt to hide exactly which series are being mixed. The first is bad, the others are better.

A Mystery Fusion
A Not So Mystery Fusion
A Quick Mystery Fusion
A Spooky Mystery Fusion