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Shades of Gray.  Conflict is a human trait.

My second fanfiction. Three years in the making, it was finally completed in April 2003, then revised at the end of that year in preperation for the release of Shades of Darkness.

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Prologue: The Day Before - One day before the fall of the Moon Kingdom, those who will fight in the final battle either prepare themselves for for conflict or struggle to prevent the coming cataclysm. But despite the hopes of all three sides, in one day the greatest civilization in the history of humanity will be no more. Wait a minute, three sides?

Chapter 1: Shadows of the Past - In the aftermath of the Death Busters' defeat, the Inner and Outer Senshi must put their past conflicts behind them. A defeated enemy makes a comeback, and a strange new warrior puts in an appearance.

Chapter 2: To Fight Fire With Fire - As the youma continue their attacks, the Senshi must deal with Ares. By the end of the day, a millenia-old war will have been renewed.

Chapter 3: Inferno of Battle - Events start to heat up as more Champions start to make themselves known. Ares wins his first victory in his war against the Senshi, and Aphrodite appears.

Chapter 4: The Search Begins - The Dark Kingdom steps up its attacks as Hermes puts in an appearance. The fighting between the Senshi and the Champions continues, and the Champions actively begin to seek out their unawakened brothers.

Chapter 5: Coming of Age - One child regains her rightful stature, and one man's eyes are opened to a world he would rather not accept. Both the Champions and the Senshi welcome the return of one of their number, while the Dark Kingdom erupts into chaos as Overlords fight for the title of General. And those who lurk in the shadows advance their plans...

Chapter 6: Soul of Thunder - Yet another Champion awakens and joins the war against the Senshi. Both sides question their reasons for fighting, while the war in the Dark Kingdom shifts into a deadlier phase.

Chapter 7: Convergence - The conjunction has come, and for the space of a few hours, the boundries between worlds fail. Jadeite leads a horde of youma to Tokyo, intent on razing the city. Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, massive armies clash as the war for dominance continues.

Chapter 8: Aftermath - In the wake of Jadeite's assualt, an aura of despair hangs over Tokyo. The Champions must face a nightmare they thought long vanquished, while the Senshi struggle to make sense of the previous day's events. In the Dark Kingdom, the war builds to a climax, as the two armies meet once more for the final battle.

Chapter 9: Closing the Circle - The final Champions awaken. The war in the Dark Kingdom comes to an end. The fate of the world is balanced on a blade's edge. A ten thousand year old struggle will soon end...

Chapter 10: Beresheit (In the Beginning) - Since Ares first appeared, the Senshi have struggled to discover the root of the conflict. Now, they're about to find out... and not all the answers are pretty.

Chapter 11: Collision Course - Events begin to spiral out of control. The Senshi and the Champions face each other once more, but when the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same again.

Chapter 12: Betrayal of Trust - The conflict between the Senshi and the Champions moves into its final phase. Recent events have brought the battle to a crisis point, and the Champions pull out all the stops.

Chapter 13: No Remorse - On Earth, Senshi and Champions both reel from recent events. Desperate, the Champions begin to prepare for a terrible plan. And in the Dark Kingdom, the drums of war beat once again...

Chapter 14: All Things Revealed - At last, the Champions' final plan will become revealed... but at a dear cost to the Senshi. Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, the conspirators' final victory is nigh. The Queen of Chaos will return to her children...

Chapter 15: Shiva - A ten thousand year old war, for better or for ill, will end this day. Underneath the walls of Castle Charon, the fate of the Earth will be determined. Will it fall to the Champions, to the Senshi... or to the Dark Kingdom?

Epilogue: 'Till All Are One - The war is over. But the lives of those who fought it go on...

Author's Notes and Annotations - This text file is an unedited look into my mental state upon finishing the first version of this fic. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.