Sailor Moon

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Shades of Darkness.  Welcome to the end of the world.

The sequel to Shades of Gray. In case the tagline of "Welcome to the end of the world." wasn't enough warning, this isn't exactly a happy story.

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Prologue: In the Hall of the Dark Queen - The sweet sensation of victory hangs in the air. Armies gather, waiting only for the word to strike. And from her throne, Metallia prepares her final vengeance.

Chapter 1: Opening Gambits - One thousand youma. The merest fraction of the hordes that await Metallia's command to strike. But, when they appear on the streets of Tokyo, the world will never be the same again.

Chapter 2: Twilight of the Age - The calm before the storm. A battered Tokyo awakes to a new world. The Senshi and Champions begin to realize the magnitude of their defeat.

Chapter 3: The End of the World - The youma ready their first true strike. The war has barely begun, and the world is about to end.

Chapter 4: Nemesis Rising - Metallia willed it, and so it will be done. The city of Tokyo will be destroyed.