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Sailor Moon. You either love it or you hate it. Or kind of like it but think its a bit too silly. Or really don't care one way or the other. Or... oh, screw it. Anyways, here lies my own fanfiction for it.

A word of warning: none of the fics are very warm and fuzzy; the "Shades" stories, in particular, are just this side of a dark tag. Let the reader beware.

Shades of Gray - Not all wars are between good and evil. Conflict is a human trait. (Multipart, COMPLETE)

Shades of Darkness - The sequel to Shades of Gray. One war has ended, but another has begun. Welcome to the end of the world. (Multipart, IN PROGRESS)

Points of Light - A short, bittersweet New Year's story. I'm rather fond of it.