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Ranma 1/2. The touching tale of an aquatransexual and the girls who love him. One of the most common types of fanfiction, many of the best fanfic authors got their start with Ranma. I'm probably not one of them, but this page does hold my very first fanfiction.

One of these days, one of the many Ranma epics in my head will get written. At least, if I ever come up with an idea that doesn't already have four similar fics written. Until then, just a few small works here.

The Lion or the Tiger? - It all started with this. A couple years after the end of the manga, Ryouga has to make a decision.

Phoenix - A short character sketch of Saffron during the battle of Jusendo.

Getting Help - Ryouga gets help for a certain problem of his... Probably the most popular of my Ranma works to date.