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Keichi Morisato delivered a swift kick to the still moving body of his foe. That grenade he had scavenged had proved quite useful... said foe's lower half was presently halfway across the room. What could only be called a nasty grin appeared on his face as he carefully positioned the buisiness end of his recently acquired shotgun directly between his foe's eyes. "Die, bastard," he stated slowly, luxuriating in the feeling of power. A moment and a trigger-pull later, two barrel's worth of shotgun ammo suceeded in turning his foe's head into something vaguely resembling swiss cheese.

Keichi knew he had to keep moving. No telling when they'd catch up with him. Therefore, he was already halfway down the corridor when he discovered, upon searching his backpack for more ammo, that he had delivered his last shotgun blast for some time. With a weary sigh, his paused and strapped the shotgun to his back, and pulled his sidearm out from his holster. The safety was turned off with a satisfying click, and Keichi carefully approached the corridor's end.

"Damn it!" he muttered under his breath. It was a t-junction, far more dangerous for him then a simple corner, as foes could approach from either direction. "Left or right... left or right..." Keichi struggled with the decision for a while, until the muffled sounds of pursuit from behind decided for him. In one smooth, practiced motion, he sidestepped into the next corridor, facing left with his gun in firing position. No enemies.

The sound of gunfire alerted him to the fact that he should probably have faced the other direction. Keichi did a quick 180, dropping to the floor. Four enemies, and one of them had a shotgun of his own. Keichi rolled to avoid the incoming fire, salviating over the thought of replacing his shotgun ammo. Four shots to the head later, Keichi stood victorious over the bloody battlefield.

Keichi quickly divsted his fallen foes of their ammunition. Carefully reloading his shotgun, he smiled. The more powerful weapon made him feel far more secure. However, his joy at finding the ammo was quickly surpassed by what he saw in the next room... a working satellite uplink.

Keichi jumped into the station's seat, and was quickly logging onto the Yggsgradil system and activating the voice communication protocol. He briefed a sigh of relief when he discovered that whatever was keeping his radio from working wasn't stopping the uplink. "Belldandy!"

"Keichi! Are you alright?"

"Apparently," he replied with a slight grin. "Listen, do you have maps of the Phobos moon base? I'm presently at station," and he rattled off a quick sequence of numbers.

"Just a moment. Skuld is checking right now."

A low growl sounded behind him. "I don't think I have a moment," Keichi stated, then groaned as the connection was abruptly severed. He rose and turned around, pistol raised. "Fucking demons."

Yes, oh tortured, er... beloved, readers.

It's nothing other than "Ah! Megami-sama! Knee-Deep in the Dead!"

Disclaimer: Ah! Megami-sama belongs to somebody I'm far to lazy to look up, given that I was even too lazy to look up the spelling of Yggragsdil or spellcheck this. It's a quick spamfic, whaddya expect? ;)

DOOM, on the other hand, belongs to iD Software, and is the greatest First Person Shooter of all time.