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I write fanfiction. More slowly than I'd like and possibly poorly, but write it I do. Since, perhaps thanks to the influence of orbital mind contrtol lasers, a number of people have at times enjoyed it, you might also. Or maybe not. Life, it is so absurd.

Since you haven't fled screaming already, I will presume that you are, in fact, interested in reading some of this stuff. So, please enjoy. Or don't, if that's more your style.

Sailor Moon - My first major fanfiction community. "Shades of Gray" and its sequel(s?) can be found here.

Ranma - My first efforts in fanfiction were, as is the cliche, for Ranma. Despite a never-ending torrent of ideas for vast epics based on this show, all that can be found here are a handful of short works.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - After a couple of false starts, I finally have an ongoing, fairly decent Evangelion story. It can be found here, along with one of the false starts. The other, being a crossover, can be found in the appropriate section.

Genso Suikoden - A fairly obscure (though not nearly so much as it used to be) series of Playstation RPGs. At the moment, only one story can be found here, but visions of a vast cycle of inter-connected stories torment me. Time and muses willing, they will eventually be able to torment you as well.

Naruto - Ninja action to be found here! "One Hundred Days" is probably what you're looking for.

Crossovers - A crossover, or fanfiction that's based off of more than one series. Only a few spamficish "Mystery Fusions" and abandoned, poor stories lurk here for the moment. But someday... someday...