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Heart of Fire, Heart of Darkness: Chapter 2
A Ranma/SM Crossover Fanfic
by: Aaron Nowack

Disclaimer: Neither Sailor Moon nor Ranma belong to me. Ranma is Rumiko Takahasi's and Sailor Moon is Naoko Takeuchi's. however, the text of this fanfic is mine, and should not be used without permission. Thank you.

Ryouga Hibiki wandered down the streets of a city. That was about as accurately as he could place his location. Well, not exactly. The signs were in Japanese, so he could assume he had made his way back to Japan. He hoped.

He thought back to the event that had started this particular voyage from Nerima. A strange monster had appeared without warning, knocking people unconscious. Now, that had been a fight. Ranma, Mousse, Shampoo, and him against a creature that looked like a cross between Tarou's cursed form and some sort of bug. They had actually thought it was Tarou again, back with a new curse, but hot water had no effect. The fact that it had dissolved to dust after being hit with enough ki blasts argued against that theory as well.

Anyway, Ryouga had gotten separated from the group afterwards, and had predictably gotten lost. "Ranma!" he growled, "This is all your fault!" It probably was, anyway. Suddenly, an external event impinged on Ryouga's musings. A horde a girls in school uniforms was running his way. "Funny, I didn't see Happosai..." Ryouga thought while untying his umbrella from his backpack.

Looking around, Ryouga spotted the cause of the commotion. Some sort of octopus monster was confronting a band of girls in sailor fuku. A mismatch if he had ever seen one. Ryouga raced forward, only to halt in surprise as one of the girls flung a firebolt at the monster.

The monster quickly retaliated, its tentacles flinging the three girls to the ground, then speeding towards one of them. Ryouga immediately reacted, throwing a half dozen bandanas at the tentacles, forcing the monster to halt its attack.

One of the girls gasped out "Tuxedo Kamen?" Ryouga ignored this, however, as he leapt towards the monster, his umbrella parrying the tentacles, and occasionally getting in a good whack.

He vaguely heard a voice call out "Now, Sailor Moon!"

The girl that had called him Tuxedo Kamen replied "I can't! I might hit... whoever that is."

Well, if one of the girls had an attack to throw he wasn't going to get in the way. Ryouga stabbed down with his finger, lightly touching the pavement. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" he called out, leaping back as the shards of rock covered his retreat.

The girl then yelled out "Moon Tiara Action!" Ryouga watched as the glowing disk slammed into the creature, causing it to crumble to dust.

"Not bad," he thought, before turning his attention to the girls before him. The one who had delivered the finishing blow was wearing a blue fuku with red bows, and had an odd hairstyle that reminded him of dumplings. Another had a short haircut similar to Akane's and had blue bows and a blue fuku. She had out what looked to be a compact, and was peering intently at it. The last of the three had long, dark hair and was wearing a red fuku.

Ryouga wondered why these girls fought in such ridiculous outfits. Then, the short haired girl spoke. "He's perfectly human," she said, putting away the compact.

Ryouga snorted. "Of course I am. Now, who the hell are you?"

"Who are you?" asked the girl in the red fuku.

"Ryouga Hibiki." he replied.

The dumpling headed girl stepped forward. "For love and justice, we are the Sailor Senshi. I am Sailor Moon."

"Also, Sailor Mercury," said the short haired girl.

"Sailor Mars," the long haired one said.

Ryouga frowned at the obviously false names. Only cowards hid behind pseudonyms. Even Ranma would never fight under a name other than his own.

"How did you do that?" Sailor Mercury asked, gesturing towards the crater left by the Bakusai Tenketsu. "Nobody human should be that strong."

Ryouga shrugged. "It's an ancient Chinese Amazon martial arts technique. You'd have to ask one of them to find out more." He wasn't interested in a game of twenty questions at the moment.

"Um.... thanks for helping," said Sailor Moon. "Is there anything we can do in return?"

Ryouga thought for a moment. "Could you show me the way to Nerima?"

Ranma sat on the roof of the Tendo Dojo once again, rubbing his bruised head. "What did those two think they were doing?" he thought. Genma and Soun's latest plan to unite the two schools had involved knocking Akane unconscious and dressing her up in a wedding kimono. Suddenly, Ranma looked up. A dark flock of birds was blotting out the sun like a cloud, and his danger sense was going haywire.

Ranma looked down. "Oh, hell!" he exclaimed, leaping down to ground.

In front of him, a young girl ran, trying to evade the birds. "Aiyah, this is the end for me! What a tragic story this is!" she cried.

"Look out!" yelled Ranma, leaping forward and grabbing the girl, shielding her from the birds' attacks. He rolled to one side, grabbing a few bits of loose gravel, then hurling them at the birds, driving them off. The birds began to clear out as another figure appeared in the air.

"Kakakakakaka." The call was menacing, coming from a human-like being with large wings hovering above Ranma. "Give me the girl and you won't get hurt... permanently."

There was only one reply to that. "Hell, no!" said Ranma as he covered the girl with his body.

The bird-man smiled viciously. "Then you will die!" he cried as he swept into a dive.

"What in the world are you?" asked Ranma as e rose into a defensive position. Suddenly, he felt something behind him and dropped to the ground, tackling the girl as razor sharp feathers slammed into the pavement.

"Kikikikiki!" the call came from another bird-man, who floated in the air opposite the other. "There is no escape for you, humans! Die!" Another hail of feathers began to fall.

Not very far away, two figures walked down a road. They were Ryouga and Sailor Mercury. The Senshi sighed. "Do you recognize where we are, now?"

Ryouga shook his head. "Nope."

Mercury put her face in her hands. "I should never agreed to walk you to the train station. I'm going to be late for cram school. Honestly, how can you get lost so easily?"

Before Ryouga could reply, another voice interrupted. "Hey Ryouga! Catch!" Mercury looked up and saw a young man with a pigtail dressed in Chinese clothing hurl a small girl at Ryouga.

"Hey, Ranma! Something up?" asked Ryouga as he easily caught the girl.

"Ai ya! Careful, I am delicate," commented the girl. All three of them looked up as Ranma was yanked into the air by one of the bird-men.

"Youma!" exclaimed Mercury, activating her communicator's alert button.

In the air, Ranma was struggling futilely against the two bird-men. Saotome Anything Goes may have been a mid-air school, but the bird-men had a definite natural advantage. "Kaka! Now, you die!" said one, driving the point home.

Sailor Mercury reacted the only way she knew how. "Bubbles... Spray!" When the fog cleared, she was shocked by the sight that faced her eyes. Where had been a black-haired boy fight two bird-men, a red-haired girl and two bulky men lay groaning on the ground. Where Ryouga had stood was a small black piglet! Only the young girl was the same, and she seemed to have taken the changes in stride. "What's going on here?" se asked.

The two men rose. "We would have kicked your sorry asses if it wasn't for that cold water!"

The girl also rose. "You turn human in cold water?!!" she exclaimed.

"Bwee!!" went the piglet.

"We'll face you again, bi-gendered freak!" said one of the men. The two then faded away into thin air.

The young girl approached the redhead. "Thank you for saving me, honored guest!"

"Honored guest?" asked the redhead. "Where have I... Jusenkyo?"

"Bwee," commented the pig, who had wandered up to the two while sailor Mercury continued to stare in shock.

That was when the other two Senshi arrived.

Author's Random Ramblings

Well, here is Chapter 2 of my Ranma/SM crossover. I'm still doing my best to avoid cliches. (I believe this is the first Ranma/SM crossover to ever diverge just before Saffron but still include Phoenix Mountain.) Next time, the Senshi and the Nerima Wrecking Crew (TM) get a chance to meet, some things are revealed, and Jadeite strikes! Be there or be a rectangular thing!

C&C is of course greatly desired and appreciated. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know if you liked this (or even if you didn't).