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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfic
By: Aaron Nowack

Chapter 1: Awakening

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion is not mine, but instead belongs to Gainax and Hideako Anno. The text of this fanfic is mine, however, and may not be used without permission, or you might be eaten by a grue.

She awoke.

An instinctive gasp for air instead brought an overwarm, foul-tasting liquid past her lips. She suffered a brief moment of panic before her scattered mind placed the oily sensation filling her mouth. LCL. She calmed herself, taking a few deep 'breaths' of the liquid. After several moments, her fast-beating heart began to slow, returning to a less adrenaline-fueled speed.

Her eyes flickered open, and she ignored the burning sensation as they met the LCL. Indeed, it was a feeling she found somewhat comforting, reminding her of the familiar, chlorine-induced pain she recalled from her countless hours in various swimming pools, one of her few true pleasures. She set the memory aside, taking in both another 'breath' and her immediate surroundings.

She was floating slightly above a rocky bottom that stretched as far as she could see - not that that distance was very far in the half-opaque LCL. To her sides was nothing but LCL, though she felt she could make out some sort of a shadow in the distance. Above her lay more LCL, but also a light - the sun, possibly, and also the surface. It took less than a second for her to decide that this was likely to be the most profitable direction to investigate.

She allowed herself to sink slightly, touching down on the bottom. She then kicked off, propelling herself upward. As the initial momentum began to die off, she added to it with powerful, practiced strokes of her arms and legs. What she assumed to be the surface drew nearer surprisingly slowly - she had been far deeper than she had expected.

Despite this, her head broke the surface in no more than half a minute. She coughed out the LCL that remained in her lungs, then took in a breath of real air, with no small relief. Even if she was not so likely to voice such as opinion as others, she had no love for either taste or feel of LCL. That taste still filled her mouth, and her memories told her it would for some time yet, unless she could find something to wash it out with.

Not that that was particularly likely, given her present situation. She slowly spun about, discovering that the sea of LCL was bounded by a somewhat distant, fog-shrouded shore on three sides. The fog hid whatever might or might not block off the final direction. Perhaps about halfway between her and the closest shore, a rocky outcropping thrust out from the yellow-orange sea. There was something disturbingly humanoid about its shape, perhaps marking it as a weathered statue of some sort.

Without further delay, she began to swim in that direction. By the time she reached the small island, her limbs were already sore. This fact caused her some irritation, as she knew she ought to be able to swim much farther before she tired. A slight frown on her face, she forced herself up onto the outcropping to rest.

The stone was warm to the touch, too warm even. She shook her head at the stray thought, and settled into a slightly more comfortable crevice in the rock. As she did so she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the LCL. A frown creased her face as she turned her head and took a closer look.

Red eyes stared back at her from a pale face, framed by unearthly, light blue hair, which was currently wet and plastered to her skin. It was her reflection - the same she remembered seeing in mirrors every day of her life. Yet something seemed wrong... unfamiliar. She had seen this face countless times before, yet it was as though she was now observing it for the first time.

Shaken by the strange feeling, she closed her eyes and settled back to rest. The tiredness in her limbs seemed to spread throughout her body, and a moment later she was asleep. She awoke, well-rested, when the sun was almost directly overhead. The stone beneath her was now quite hot, and her body was now covered in equal parts sweat and crusted, dried LCL.

She rose, and as she did, she noticed that the sun had burned away the fog that shrouded the shores. A small gasp escaped her mouth as she saw the skyline that dominated the one farthest from her present position. It might have been Tokyo-3, but if so it was not the Tokyo-3 she knew. It was the shattered shell of a city, dark and silent.

She once again pushed disturbing thoughts away, choosing instead to focus on her present task, gracefully sliding back into the LCL and resuming her progress towards the closest shore. The going seemed easier this time, more in line with what she knew herself to be capable of, though still slightly beneath her standards.

Before too much more time passed. she finally reached the beach. She rested a moment there, trying to decide what to do now that her first task was finished. Her half-formed plan had been to get in contact with Nerv, but the ruins to her north suggested that would not be possible, or at the least be more difficult than she had expected. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that she did not know when she had last eaten.

These thoughts were driven from her mind by the sound of approaching footsteps behind the row of dunes that followed the shore, created by what she guessed was at least a half-dozen people. She frowned, trying to decide whether or not to attempt to hide, but the decision was taken from her as a man appeared atop one of the dunes. He stopped as he noticed her, mouth gaping.

She frowned at the odd reaction. She was fairly certain she did not know the man. She studied him for a moment. He seemed to be around twenty years old, with both eyes and hair brown. As she watched him, he suddenly blushed and averted his eyes. She blinked, then remembered that she was not presently wearing any clothing.

"What's wrong? Why have you stopped?" The female voice came from the other side of the dune, reminding her that this man was not alone.

The man stuttered a moment before saying, "Suzuhara, you need to see this." She frowned. She knew that name.

"Aw, this better not be another wrecked tank, man. We only have a thousand of those." This third voice was soon matched to another face as its owner too appeared on top of the dune. This face too was somewhat familiar to her, and she guessed this might be the father of the Suzuhara she knew. On closer inspection, though, the second man seemed to be much the same age as the first - far too young for that to be the case. Two oddities also revealed themselves to her - a pistol holstered on the man's left side, and what appeared to be the hilt of a sword poking up from behind his back.

He too stared at her in surprise a moment, then spoke again. "Ayanami?!" he asked.

Strangely, she had to think a moment before she was able to answer. "Yes. I am Ayanami Rei."

Less than a half-hour later, Rei frowned a moment as she stared around the small tent she found herself in. The man called Suzuhara, obviously in command, had ordered the group to set up camp for the night shortly after finding her, apparently to search for any more 'new returns', whatever that odd phrase meant. This tent had been the first to be set up, and he had ordered her to go inside and change into a set of clothes borrowed from the group's only female - Rei had gathered her name was Himiko.

She plucked at the fabric of the dark burgundy t-shirt she now wore. Both it and the denim shorts that had been provided were slightly too large for her, but they fit well enough to suffice for the moment. The same regrettably could not be said for the underwear she had been given, which now lay crumbled in a corner of the tent, next to a discarded wrapper from a candy bar she had also been given. It was not her habit to eat such food, but she was hungry enough that it had not mattered much.

Rei wondered what she should do next. This... patrol was obviously not from Nerv, or likely any formal organization. The members bore no uniform, and no group she was aware of equipped its agents with archaic weapons like swords - of which she had seen several already. Her goal, she decided, had to be to get in touch with Nerv or some other appropriate authority. The first step in that had to be to assess both the identity and motives of the group she found herself in. The most plausible hypothesis was that they were refugees from the nearby city, though that still left a number of things unexplained, and reminded her of the question of what might have destroyed the city.

Rei's already pale face whitened even further as a memory came to her, suggesting a possible answer, if that city truly was Tokyo-3. Though the memory raised even more questions, not least among them how she had found herself in the middle of the bay of LCL. Or alive, for that matter. She shuddered briefly at the thought, then forcibly pushed the matter aside to focus on more immediately important matters.

She rose, and was about to exit the tent when she heard a voice from outside. "Ayanami? Are ya decent?" The man called Suzuhara. How did he know her name?

Rei answered in the affirmative, and a moment later both Suzuhara and the man who had first seen her entered the tent. "Sorry fer takin' so long," Suzuhara said as he sat on the ground. "I know ya must have a lot of questions."

Rei frowned, seating herself as well. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Don't ya recognize me?" he replied. "I'm Suzuhara. Suzuhara Touji."

Rei crossed her arms. "Do not lie to me."


"Your claim is impossible. The Fourth Child is the same age as myself, and you are quite evidently not."

The two men exchanged glances, then 'Touji' spoke. "Ayanami... what is the last thing you remember, before you woke up in the bay?"

Rei blinked at the sudden change in subject. "That information is classified."

'Touji' sighed, while the other man chuckled. "Just tell her Ikari's cleared us for it, Touji" he suggested in a jesting tone.

"Commander Ikari?" Rei asked incredulously. She did not believe that these two could possibly be in the Commander's confidence.

The second man chuckled again. "You could say that."

"Aida." The other man's voice was flat. "You're here to observe, not to make an idiot of yourself.

The object of his ire, whom apparently the two wanted her to believe was Aida Kensuke, shrugged. "Sorry," he said in a not-quite apologetic tone of voice.

'Touji' turned back to her. "Ayanami... Ikari Gendo has been dead for over six years."

"Impossible," she replied flatly. Who exactly did these two expect to fool? "I spoke with him less than twenty-four hours ago."

'Aida' groaned. "Listen, Ayanami. You might not remember it, but it's been years since the Third Impact-"

"Another impossibility," Rei said, irritation almost evident in her voice.

"And what makes you say that?" 'Aida' asked, his own irritation plain.

"Third Impact has not occurred."

'Aida' threw up his hands. "Enough. I give up already." He rose and left the tent.

'Suzuhara' silently watched Rei a moment before speaking. "Let's start this over. What do ya remember last? Was it the SSDF attack? The mass production Evas?"

Rei allowed her puzzlement to show on her face. "The SSDF has not engaged in offensive operations since the Korean Crisis, and the Evangelion Mass Production Series is still under construction." How could this person know of them?

'Suzuhara' frowned, and shook his head. "Let's see. You remember the Seventeenth Angel, right?"

"Why do you insist on continuing this charade? The Seventeenth Angel has not yet arrived."

The man buried his face in his hands. "Lord, nobody's ever forgotten that far back." He sighed and rose. "I'm sure yer hungry. Dinner will be in an hour." Shaking his head, he left the tent, muttering under his breath.

Dinner, which took slightly more than an hour to be prepared, was an awkward experience, awkward enough that even Rei felt somewhat uncomfortable. Everyone ate clustered around a small fire, but there was a noticeable gap between her and the other people. No one seemed willing to talk in her presence, and Rei was not displeased with that. When she had cleaned her bowl of stew, save for the small number of chunks of some unidentifiable meat, she silently returned to the tent that had been given her, and began to plan.

This task was not as easy as she might have hoped, given the paucity of information she had to work with. She was no closer to finding a way to contact Nerv than she had been when she first awoke, and she had no insight into either the identity or the motivations of the group she had found herself with. It would be interesting to see how they would react if she attempted to leave their camp, but she was not sure if she wanted to risk the possibility of violence.

How likely was violence? These people obviously did not intend to kill her out of hand - they had had a number of opportunities already - but their armament, however archaic it might be, indicated they were no strangers to fighting. They seemed content to feed her false information, but what could possibly motivate such a course? And why pick such an unbelievable story?

Was it possible they were telling the truth, however impossible that seemed? No, she decided with a shake of her head. Even if she somehow had suffered loss of memory, her body would still show the signs of six years of aging if their claim was true. It was far more likely that somehow the aftermath of the last battle had transported her to where she had awakened. She knew enough about the Evangelions to know that no one understood more than the smallest fraction of their complexity, and what she had done was unprecedented. Her mere survival was indication that something unexpected had happened.

Rei shook her head. She was avoiding the issue at hand. Should she, or should she not, attempt to escape? Nerv, assuming it had survived the last battle in any sort of functional form, was sure to be searching for her, or at least for proof she was dead. If she merely waited long enough, assuming her - they were not quite captors, but that was perhaps the closest word - did not try and take her out of the immediate area, they would find her. There was therefore no need to risk a confrontation with the people who had found her at the moment, she decided.

With her mind made up, Rei settled down to sleep. She was tired from the exertions of the previous day, and hardly noticed the lack of any sort of bedroll in the tent or the noises of the others from outside. She was fast asleep within minutes, and if anyone came to check on her, she could not say.

Then she woke up. Her mind was scattered, desperately chasing the fragments of a dream, a vision she was somehow sure was dreadfully important. A terror gnawed at her gut, a shadow of a nameless horror that she could feel reaching toward her. A moment later the feeling vanished, leaving behind only an illogical fear and a churning feeling in her stomach.

Rei slowly sat up, ignoring the protests her stomach made at the movement and wincing at a few slight aches left from sleeping on the hard ground. She discovered that someone had covered her with a blanket while she slept, and she pushed this covering aside before standing. Despite the fact that she felt only slightly more rested than she had when she had fallen asleep, she knew she would get no more sleep this night.

From outside she heard the muffled sound of a quiet argument. Acting almost without thinking, Rei slipped out of her tent. Her night vision had always been good, and the full moon's light provided more than enough illumination for her to see by. The sounds came from the camp's periphery, and she headed in that direction, past the dormant ashes of the campfire. As she neared, the sounds resolved themselves into first voices, then words.

The first she identified as Suzuhara - she might as well call him that until she discovered his true name. "Listen, Himiko, I'm sure not gonna get more sleep tonight, so ya might as well-"

He was interrupted by an irritated grunt. "At least let me take your watch tomorrow night, then."

Suzuhara sighed. "Alright. Now get ta sleep, and that's an order."

Rei was now close enough to see the woman draw herself up and deliver a mock salute to Suzuhara. "Aye, aye, sir." She turned about and began to stomp into the camp, muttering unkind things under her breath about male chivalry. Rei froze as she passed, and this was evidently enough to avoid her notice.

For a moment, Rei was unsure what to do. The safest course would be to return to her tent, yet something told her not to. She could feel a strange anticipation hanging over the night, as though something was waiting to happen. She was not usually prone to such odd feelings, and obeyed them even more rarely, but this one seemed somehow more insistent.

After a moment, she took a hesitant step forward, almost against her will. Suzuhara looked back over his shoulder, and his eyes widened slightly as he saw her. "Ayanami." A slight smile appeared on his face. "Ya can't sleep either?"

After a moment, Rei nodded. Suzuhara pat the ground beside him. "Come and sit with me a moment. I think we still need ta talk."

Rei did not see what harm this could do, so she complied after only a few seconds' silent hesitation. It was after a much longer silence that she spoke. "You said you wished to talk."

"I suppose I did." Despite this, Suzuhara did not speak again for almost a minute. "I'm not sure what ta say to convince you I'm who I say I am."

Rei did not respond, and after another silence Suzuhara sighed. "Do you remember before the... accident with Unit-03? We talked on the school rooftop. I remember I said you were worried about Ikari, and you said you didn't understand."

Rei frowned. "That is true," she said slowly.

"And nobody coulda known that but Suzuhara Touji, right?"

"The conversation might have been monitored," she replied.

Suzuhara laughed. "Who the hell's gonna bug a high school rooftop?"

Rei had to admit he was right. But then... if this man really was Suzuhara Touji, how was he now older than her? After a moment, Rei asked the question out loud.

Touji shook his head. "I can't know where ta start explainin' if you don't tell me how far back you can remember."

Rei hesitated, but eventually answered. "I remember the battle against the Sixteenth Angel. I engaged the self-destruct, then found myself in the LCL."

"Ah." Touji paused a moment, then began to speak. "I don't know that much, but here's what I know happened. You survived the battle-"

"That much is apparent," Rei interrupted.

Touji waved his hand. "No, not now. Then. After that, there was another Angel, and then the SSDF attacked Nerv. They somehow got their hands on the mass production Evas. Souryu fought 'em to a standstill, and then... Third Impact happened." Touji shrugged. "And after that people started wakin' up."

"That does not explain the difference in our ages."

Touji shrugged again. "When people return, they come back the way they see themselves - that's why I've got all my arms and legs again." He patted them as if to reassure himself they were still present. "So ya came back the way you remembered yourself bein', just like me. I just came back six years earlier."

"I see." Rei was not entirely sure she did understand, but she was not certain he did either. Silence was all that passed between the two for some time.

The silence was broken when Touji yawned. "Man, maybe I will get some sleep tonight. How 'bout you? Gettin' tired, Ayanami?"

She began to shake her head, but stopped. Something was coming. something she did not want to miss. She could feel it. It was more than a little disturbing. She knew that such premonitions were worse than useless, yet she could not bring herself to disregard this one. It was foolish, but even though she recognized it the illogical feeling still had a hold over her.

"Yo, Ayanami? Ya alright?" Touji asked.

She opened her mouth to reply, but whatever words she had to say were lost as a roar echoed across the heavens. Both she and Touji looked up in time to see a ball of fire streak across the sky. As it passed overhead the roar intensified, until the ground seemed to be throbbing in time with it. Behind them they could just barely make up the sounds of the camp being unexpectedly roused and the resulting confusion.

The fireball was losing altitude quickly. Rei saw what might have been a piece of the object at the center break off. Mere moments later, the ball of flame hit the ground. The ground shook, collapsing many of the camp's tents - some of them with people still inside. There was a flare of light from where the object had struck, and then darkness and silence.

Touji rose. "That can't have landed more than a day's walk from here."

Aida - Rei supposed he must really be her other classmate after all - came rushing up behind them, only half-clothed. "Touji, are you all right?"

Suzuhara slowly nodded. "Yah."

Kensuke rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?"

"Can't be more than a couple hours till dawn. Might as well get everyone up." Touji turned and began to walk back into the camp, Kensuke trailing behind. After a moment, Rei rose and followed.

"I think everyone's already awake," Kensuke said.

"Then let's get someone makin' breakfast and get ready ta move. We're gonna check out that meteor." As they reached the center of the camp, Touji yelled out, "Is everyone okay?"

A few minutes later, the entire group was assembled in the center of the camp, and it was revealed that there were, in fact, no injuries more serious than a bruise. Touji quickly relayed his plan, and it was met with only a minimum of protest.

"We were supposed to be back in the city by now," one of the men grumbled.

"Are you that homesick already? Finally found a girlfriend, Aoki?" Himiko asked.

"Oh, shuddup, Yamada." The woman merely laughed in reply.

"Unless anyone else has any objections," Touji said, "we'll be leaving at dawn, so whoever drew breakfast duty for today should get to work on that. The rest of us, let's get the camp packed up."

It was in fact, about a half hour after dawn when the squad finally began to move. Kensuke was once again slightly in front of most of the group, along with another of the men. Touji was the first of the main group, and Rei found herself walking beside him. Aoki and the remaining man were close behind, while Himiko trailed several meters behind them.

There was little conversation as the group began their march. After perhaps a quarter hour they reached a cracked highway, and turned to follow it north. A few rusted, wrecked automobiles littered the road, driving home to Rei how different this world must be from the last she could remember. It even sounded different, she realized. She had never really noticed the constant background noise of machinery, but now that it was gone its absence was disconcerting.

They made relatively fast progress on the highway, though Rei found herself becoming unexpectedly winded. It was irritating that she felt so unfit, but knew she should be in far better condition. After a few moment's thought, she attributed it to the fact that, if she understood what Touji had explained to her of 'returning', then this body had never before been used. If that was the case, she should return to her ordinary endurance within a few days, or weeks at the most. That thought was somewhat comforting.

After perhaps an hour, they turned off the highway and onto a smaller side road. This road was not in such good shape, and their travel slowed, particularly when they encountered a high pile of rubble strewn across it, perhaps the remnants of a collapsed building. Kensuke and the other man in the lead were already near the top when Rei reached the rubble, and Touji quickly scrambled up after them.

Still somewhat tired, Rei paused a moment to catch her breath before beginning the climb. This prompted Aoki to ask her if she was all right as he caught up with her. She replied in the affirmative, and began to make her way up the rubble. Aoki and the other man followed close behind.

They were perhaps only a quarter of the way from the top when Rei slipped. As she scrambled to find a foothold, one of her bare feet landed on a sharp piece of rock. The sudden pain caused her tenuous balance to falter completely, and she began to fall. Fortunately, Aoki was close behind and managed to steady her. "What happened?" he asked. Rei quickly related the incident to him, wincing in pain as she tested her wounded foot.

"Let me take a look at that," Aoki said, and Rei complied. "It doesn't look that bad. You're just sliced up a little. Hey, Hiruma," he called to the other man, "You think you can help me get her over this thing?"

"Sure," the man replied, working his way over to where the two were standing. Soon Rei found herself being half-carried up the slope by the two men, and they managed to make to the other side without further incident.

As the three of them and Himiko reached the bottom, they found the other three men waiting for them. "What's the holdup?" Kensuke asked, looking impatient to be off.

"The girl here's hurt her foot," Hiruma replied gruntly.

"Is it bad?" Touji asked.

Rei shook her head. "I will be fine," she said as she divested herself of the two men's assistance. Her foot still hurt a little when she put her weight on it, but the pain was far from unbearable.

"We ought to get her some boots," Aoki said. "Otherwise it'll happen again."

Touji nodded agreement. "Does anyone have a spare pair?"

The one man whose name Rei still did not know grunted. "I have one, but they sure won't fit a little slip of a thing like her."

"As I recall," Himiko said, "there's a crossroads not far from here with a shoe store. It ought to have something."

Touji nodded. "Good thinkin'. I think I know where that's at. Ayanami, you think ya can make it a mile?"

Rei nodded. "I will be fine."

As the group began to move again, Aoki chuckled. "You can always trust the woman to know the local shopping, eh, Yamada?"

Himiko delivered a mock punch to his stomach, which was met with mock pain. "Are you looking for another rematch, Aoki?"

Aoki threw up his hands. "Of course not, o mighty mistress of martial arts!"

Beside him, Hiruma let out a throaty chuckle. "Still haven't beaten her?"

"Beaten her? I haven't even touched her yet!"

It took the squad around a quarter of an hour to make it to the crossroads. As it came into sight, Kensuke yawned. "I'm getting hungry."

"Already?" Touji asked, glancing at the sun. "Well, I suppose we did get started early. We can get lunch started while Ayanami gets her shoes. Who has that duty today?"

"Nakamura, I think," Hiruma said as he seated himself on the sidewalk. Rei surmised that this was the name of the one person who's name she had not known, and was proven correct and that person started grumbling and searching through the squad's packs, which had already been strewn about the area.

"Who was carrying the food, anyways?" he asked, half to himself.

Rei started as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She instinctively broke away from it, turning around to face her assailant in a defensive stance. However, she relaxed slightly when she saw it was Aoki.

Himiko snorted as she watched this. "Are you that desperate now, Aoki?" she asked as she walked up.

Aoki threw up his hands. "I was just trying to get her attention! Someone ought to go with her to get the shoes. Where is that store, anyways?"

"On the other side," Himiko said. "This way." She began to walk away, and Rei silently followed her. Behind them, Aoki shook his head, then hurried to catch up.

They quickly reached the shoe store. Its glass door lay in several pieces on the floor, and Rei had to move carefully to avoid injuring her feet further. As the three entered, Aoki sneezed. "Yeesh, it's dusty in here."

"Well, what do you expect?" Himiko asked. "It isn't like there's a cleaning service." She paused and turned to Rei. "What size shoe do you wear?" Rei told her, and Himiko nodded. "We should be able to find that easily enough."

The three began to search the store, and Rei quickly located a pair of boots that fit well enough on a shelf near the back of the store. They were somewhat uncomfortable without socks, but they would serve for the moment. As she opened her mouth to inform her two companions that she was done, she was stopped as a low growl sounded from behind her.

She slowly turned around to see a large black dog. Several long, jagged scars ran down its sides, and one of its eyes seemed to have been ripped out. It began to advance, lean muscles rippling under the dark fur, and she slowly retreated before it. Her eyes darted to either side, searching for a means of escape and not finding one.

"Ayanami?" Aoki's voice came from behind her, but she dared not risk turning away from the dog to look. He uttered a curse as he saw the dog, and Rei heard the distinctive sound of a sword being pulled from its sheath. "Yamada!" he yelled. "Get over here!"

Rei heard him approaching. "Get behind me," he said, and Rei complied. Aoki swung his crude shortsword in a slow, low arc, forcing the dog to back up slightly. It growled at him, and this time the sound was answered by several other growls from other parts of the store. "Great," he muttered. "We've found a pack's den."

The dog suddenly started and fell over, a thrown dagger protruding from the back of its skull. Himiko appeared out of the murky half-darkness and pulled the dagger back out. "You two all right?" she asked. She hardly waited for Aoki's nod before continuing. "It sounds like there's maybe six of them, but they're further back. We ought to be able to get out of here."

Aoki nodded, and the three began to quietly head for the exit. However, as it came into view, they were forced to halt at the sight of an astoundingly large dog blocking the exit. As the dog spotted them, it sat back on its haunches and let out a loud howl. Moments later answering barks came from the rear of the store, and the three could hear the other dogs moving towards them.

"Great," Aoki muttered as he tightened his grip on his sword. "Just great."

Author's Random Ramblings

1) Thanks of course go to my prereader Ryan Hupp for his (almost real-time!) help in the writing of this chapter.

2) If you're familiar with my previous work(s), you might notice I'm trying a rather different style of writing in this one. Specifically, I'm aiming for a strictly third-person limited point of view (though that point of view will change from chapter to chapter), as well as avoiding the use of artificial scene dividers. I'm also endeavoring to include a great deal more detail and description in this one, though I'm unsure of how successful that effort has been. Any comments on how well (or poorly, for that matter) I have achieved these goals are most welcome.

3) In fact, any and all C&C of any sort is greatly appreciated.

Started: April 22, 2003
Draft Finished: May 02, 2003
Draft Released: May 02, 2003
Final Completed: May 05, 2003