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Fallen: Sometimes even angels can fall.

My "experimental" fanfic, and first major project after Shades of Gray. It's written in a somewhat different style than my other works, and overall I'm pretty proud of it. With any luck, you'll find that pride to be justified.

The prologue is a bit weak, but don't stop there. It gets much better rather quickly, I think.

Prologue: Together Alone - The world has ended, and now Shinji and Asuka are left to pick up the pieces. Together, but alone.

Chapter 1: Awakening - Someone long thought dead returns. A fiery streak across the sky heralds the beginning of a new conflict.

Chapter 2: Omen - Touji's squad investigates the meteorite. When its true form becomes known, all the Children will know fear.

Chapter 3: Home - Tokyo-4. It is not a grand city, but to those few who survivied the fall of Tokyo-3, it is home.

Chapter 4: Tremor - Tokyo-4's newest resident is having a hard time adjusting to this strange new world. However, a part of the old world soon returns, and not a welcome one...

Chapter 5: Quake - The recent attack has rocked Tokyo-4 to its core, and all the old fears come boiling back to the surface. And the attack will not prove to be the last.

Chapter 6: Battle - Coming "soon".