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December 23, 2005

Chapter 3 of One Hundred Days is up.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

December 2, 2005

Chapter 2 of One Hundred Days is up.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

November 16, 2005

Finalized and added to the website the first part of One Hundred Days, my Naruto fic.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

October 08, 2005

My e-mail is functioning again.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

September 11, 2005

Due to Hurricane Katrina, my e-mail is currently non-functioning. It should hopefully be working again, one way or another, in the near future.

   - Aaron Nowack

July 28, 2005

Updated the status report thing to indicate my current project, a Naruto fic. I hope to actually have the first chapter done in the nearish future. If anybody who happens to read this has the ability and the desire to translate names of new techniques into Japanese for me, such aid would be vastly appreciated.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

June 30, 2005

Chapter 4 of Shades of Darkness is up. Again no comment on the FFML, which is a bit depressing. Don't know what I'll work on next - the status report thingee will change when I do.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

April 09, 2005

Well, now that I'm actually writing again, I can update the status thing. Still, end of semester crunch time is coming up, so I might not finish until the summer. Yuck.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

February 13, 2005

Haven't updated the status report thing lately because I've not gotten past that block I mentioned yet. Also, there are two contradictory directions I want the story to go in, and I can't make much progress until I've decided between them.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

January 13, 2005

Added the status report thingie you see above. With any luck, I will actually keep it updated.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

January 03, 2005

Not surprisingly, I have, of course, completely failed to get any writing done lately, though I did finally manage to do some reading I've been meaning to do - Stephen King's The Dark Tower, which is quite good - but the last thing I need is to give in to the desire to write a Dark Tower-influenced megacrossover...

Once I head back to school and get started on finishing Shades of Darkness Chapter 4 - which will hopefully (but not probably) be done by the end of the month. As for my other fics....

Fallen, painfully, is on hold. I still think it is probably some of my best work, and I've not even gotten to the good part of the story yet, but I've written myself into a terrible corner, and the way I'd always planned to get out of it I've decided is too much of a deus ex machina.

Lonely Hearts may finally see a release of the revised Chapter 1, but I don't see myself getting any more done anytime soon.

Possibly replacing Fallen as my "backburner" story is a little something I'm calling New Century Magical Girl Evangelion. Despite the name, it's not a parody but a serious story. Really. I'm not kidding. I've got a prologue draft to prove it.

Anyway, I'm going to try and keep this thing more frequently updated this year, even if it's just to say "No progress on any fics lately."

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT