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December 20, 2004


Now that exams were done I was hoping to get a lot of writing done while at home. Unfortunately, I realized too late that if I was going to do that, I'd need to actually bring my fanfictions home with me to work on. So my thankfully unnanounced plans to get Shades of Darkness Chapter 4 out by the end of the year if not the anniversery of Chapter 1's release were wrecked before they were even begun. On the upside, I might muster the enthusiasm to churn out a one-shot or two I've been planning for some time.

Such is life, as the French would say. Only they'd say it in French.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

November 27, 2004


To swerve dangerously into blog territory for a moment, I'm feeling fairly depressed about my writing lately. I thought I had this problem of mine whipped after the sustained, positive feedback to the Shades of Gray revisions and the first two chapters of shades of Darkness, but the (non-)reaction to my recent work is once again making it difficult for me to muster the motivation to actually write. In-between a fairly disappointing end to what I thought was a popular thread of mine on the Anime Addventure and the total lack of non-prereader feedback on Shades of Darkness Chapter 3 (even on, which is usually good for at least a couple reviews on anything), I'm starting to wonder whether anyone actually reads my stuff anymore.

On a less depressing note, Shades of Darkness chapter 4 is ~20-30% complete, though two fairly major scenes of that are in need of substantial revision, I fear.

   - Aaron Nowack (anowack AT

November 10, 2004

New stuff: Shades of Darkness Chapter 3. You might note that there's no "Final Released" date on this one. That's because I've yet to receive any non-prereader comments on this chapter, and I don't feel confident finalizing it just yet.

   - Aaron Nowack

October 06, 2004

Oops. It's been a while, hasn't it? I had a busy semester at school and a lazy summer, but I'm back on the ball now. New stuff this time: Shades of Darkness Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is at the prereader's, and will with any luck be finalized much more swiftly than this chapter was.

   - Aaron Nowack

March 24, 2004

Lo, this is a good day for the completion of tasks. Shades of Darkness Chapter 2 is at the prereader's, and I have finally gotten all the Shades of Gray revisions up on Fanfiction.Net. I'm also working on a new version of Fanfic To HTML, but that's not quite ready yet. And, for the site -

New stuff this time: A Links page! Lo, it has finally arrived. A bit on the small side right now, but it will grow. Oh, yes... it will grow. Resistance is futile...

...the plan is programmed into every one of my thousand robots.

   - Aaron Nowack

March 03, 2004

How's this for a quick update?

New stuff this time: A new version of Fanfic To HTML.

Next, maybe I'll work on that links pge.

   - Aaron Nowack

February 27, 2004

Keeping my unmentioned promise to myself to put something on the website every month...

New stuff this time: Chapter 5 of Fallen.

Still no sign of a links page. Drat.

   - Aaron Nowack

January 16, 2004

Happy New Year, here's the first update to the website!

New stuff this time: the prologue and first chapter of Shades of Darkness, and the addition of Fanfic To HTML, a program I wrote to help me create this site, to the Misc. section

Hmm... I still really ought to get a links page together...

   - Aaron Nowack

December 31, 2003

Lo and behold, it has arrived!

At long last, I have finally completed my years-old task of totally redesigning and updating my aging website. Not only that, I have moved to a pop-up free hosting service, as well as purchased a domain name of my very own. Awww... isn't it cute?

Anyways, there's far too much new stuff to list. The RPG and Misc. sections are non-existant at the moment, so don't bother going there just yet.

Hmm... I really ought to get a links page together...

   - Aaron Nowack